Kansas City Steak Company

The Kansas City Steak Company’s catalog offers up some scrumptious gourmet steaks and delightful steak gift baskets. The steaks are pre-aged for you and shipped in a sturdy gift box cooler with lots of dry ice to keep them cold. The same careful treatment goes into the seafood, including lobster tails and salmon filets, or mixed up with a Surf and Turf package. The Kansas City Steak Company also has a barbeque that is a treat of its own. These gourmet selections are perfect for corporate gifts. There are several packages to choose from including smaller steak gift baskets and seafood dinners to larger packages.

The steaks include Filet Mignon, Kansas City Strips, Top Sirloin, T-bone, and Porterhouse, along with the Surf and Turf options. There is an amazing assortment of fine steaks and seafood in the Kansas City Steak Catalog. The Kansas City Steak’s Catalog also has some out of this world appetizers and desserts, including Molten Chocolate Cakes and Lobster Flatbread. There are also some tasty recipes. Take a look at this free catalog from Kansas City Steaks!