KingSize Big and Tall Catalog

Don’t let your shape and body size prevent you from dressing to the nines every single day! At KingSize, you can finally find garments that flatter your figure. The KingSize catalog caters to the big and tall man. Instead of offering basic sample sizes, KingSize has a wide range of fits to suit any man’s body. Find the styles you love most! Instead of awkward cuts and puckering fabrics, you can breathe easy and look good doing it!

What you wear says a lot about who you are. It puts your style and personality on full display! But when you have a hard time finding pieces that fit, being true to yourself is easier said than done.

Shopping for clothes doesn’t have to be difficult. At KingSize, those shopping days of disappointment and frustration are over!

The KingSize catalog has a wide range of sizes you can’t find in standard stores. While most retailers only offer a basic set of “stock” fits, KingSize goes above and beyond. The garments are made for guys who are taller than six feet and weigh more than 225 pounds.

The “big and tall” market is severely underserved, and KingSize aims to change that!

Start your closet overhaul by picking up some casual wear. Casual shirts and bottoms can serve you well around the house and whenever you’re out running errands.

Want to keep things simple? Look for some cozy tees. KingSize has sizes up to 9XL! Whether you’re a man who likes to blend in with the crowd or someone who likes to capture attention, there’s something for you. From muted, solid-colored tees to more wild and zany graphics, KingSize has it all!

When you want to shake things up, KingSize offers much more than just tees. Pick up some business casual polos for those moments when you need to look more put-together. Or, go all out with formal shirts and business attire.

The great thing about KingSize shirts is that they’re all built for men of a certain stature. Those awkward-fitted shirts you struggle with at the mall? They don’t exist there. Get more room in areas where you need it most. Many shirts have larger chest and arm measurements to ensure that you can stay comfortable no matter what.

That means no more puckering fabrics, unnecessary sweating, and awkward fits. Everything fits your body to perfection, allowing you to stay comfortable and confident throughout the day.

KingSize even has coats and jackets to add the finishing touch. You have your choice of many different styles and colors. Keep things casual or invest in a formal suit for all of life’s special occasions. The choice is yours!

Of course, we can’t forget about the bottoms to match.

King Size has pants and shorts in sizes up to 72W. That’s not all. KingSize also provides many taller size options to fit guys who blow past standard leg measurements.

Get pants and shorts to match every occasion. For casual afternoons with the family, try jeans and summer shorts. For larger men, jeans are notoriously difficult to shop for. Those struggles are behind you when you shop from the KingSize catalog. Find many comfortable cuts and all the trendy styles you could ever want!

That same variety is available with the shorts and pants collection. Breezy fabrics and comfortable cuts eliminate many of the concerns bigger guys have with donning standard pants. To add that extra boost of comfort, you can even find garments with elastic waistbands, thermal linings, and stretchable active fabrics.

KingSize doesn’t stop with regular clothing items. Peruse the accessories collection to take your outfits to the next level. Find quirky socks to add a touch of whimsy to work outfits. Or, add some polish with pocket squares and formal ties. KingSize also offers hats, scarves, belts, and everything else you could need!

From undergarments to the shoes in specialty sizes, KingSize truly has it all.

Let the KingSize catalog be your one-stop shop for all things clothing. With so many styles to choose from, you can fill your closet with garments for all of life’s memorable moments. Put your personality on full blast without sacrificing comfort and looks.