Free On The Plus Side Catalog

On The Plus Side Catalog

Since 1984, On The Plus Side has been offering the world plus size women’s clothing that focuses on the right fit and design and helping them to feel great about what they are wearing. Long gone are the days of having to search down the aisles of stores that fail to make it a priority to specifically provide plus-size women’s clothing. Along with a variety of sweaters, dresses, and outerwear, this free catalog also has plenty of women’s accessories and swimwear that are guaranteed to go perfectly with that t-shirt or pair of shorts you just purchased.

Not only are their products comfortable and stylish, but 90% of them are also made from natural fibers in hopes to keep a socially and environmentally responsible brand. Because they use recycled and sustainable resources, it also makes the value of each product they sell extremely high in quality. Using the most luxurious fabrics, they are able to provide plus-size women’s clothing that will not only last this year but also for years to come. Find exactly what you have been searching for in this free catalog from On The Plus Side.