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Scientifics Catalog

Born in 1942 from Norman Edmund’s need to find a specialty lens and bolstered during WWII by the increasing need for quality optics, Edmund Scientifics has continued to expand as the source of gifts, toys, activities, and demonstrations founded in the roots of science. Of this extensive history, Edmund Scientifics is most lauded for its lenses being used in the color cameras that recorded the Apollo landings. This catalog is as diverse as science. With toys and games in every single major, from chemistry to magnetism and from robotics to biology, experiencing science has never been so easy.

Those that revel in experimentation will love creating their own hot sauces, building their very own robots, and performing chemical tests in a miniature lab. Even younger kids can find simpler introductions to science through Clifford color science sets and miniature mining kits. Edmund Scientifics also understands that science is as much about observation as it is about action. From their gifted minds comes their impressive array of high-quality telescopes, many of which now directly link up to a computer. At the other end of the size spectrum lies just as impressive microscopes. Featuring LCD screens or iPhone hookups, studying the tiny cosmos surrounding us has evolved from the glass slides of older classrooms.