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Sundance Catalog

Sundance Catalog is a brand that caters to women and men who want to go against the fashion grain. The clothing you’ll find in the Sundance Catalog is the epitome of uniqueness. Create a timeless look that marries modern styling with traditional nature-inspired beauty.

The sky’s the limit, and you’ll undoubtedly find countless products to love. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a loved one, or looking for beautiful products to fill your home; Sundance has plenty to uncover.

The women’s clothing collection is where Sundance shines brightest. Just take one look through the dress collection! The dresses are beautifully designed with eye-catching feminine details. Each style is unique, but shared elements like sheer fabrics, floral embroidery, and delicate lace are plentiful. You’ll also see sheer, flowing fabrics that move in the wind and unique cuts that flatter any woman’s figure.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer long-sleeve maxi dresses or shorter summy styles made for dancing. You’ll find something for every occasion! Multiple styles and colors are available, giving you plenty of opportunities to live your bohemian fantasy!

The same variety exists for the tops and bottoms. The bottom selection is enjoyable to look through! You’ll find classic materials like denim. But, they all have that signature Sundance twist.

Pick up a pair of denim jogger jeans complete with floral embroidery or patchwork details. Alternatively, you can try some vintage-looking flare jeans, modern high-waisted capris, or simple Bermuda-style shorts.

Sundance has items to fill your closet and match any occasion. Cold-weather coats, kimono-style coverups, and lazy loungewear are perfect for winter. Meanwhile, rompers, swimsuits, and tanks are great for summer.

The Sundance Catalog even has shoes and accessories to complete the look! Invest in leather-wrapped sandals that go with everything. Heels, flats, and distinctly boho wedges are up for grabs, too. Try one of Sundance’s many scarves or hats when you want to add a unique pop of color or a fun accent. The brand carries functional bags and belts as well.

While the collection is smaller, there are plenty of great products for men. Every item has that same bohemian flare as the women’s selection. Grab national park tees to put your love of nature on full display. Then, grab a printed long-sleeve shirt. Simple iconography creates eye-catching patterns that look right at home on the mountain range. Sundance also has excellent jewelry pieces, shoes, and other accessories to complete any outfit.

Looking for something that you can enjoy every day? Sundance isn’t just about clothing. It’s about surrounding yourself with aesthetics you love! Check out the home goods collection and get inspired!

Sundance carries furniture and decor pieces that are out-of-this-world beautiful. The products have all the details you would expect from the brand. Everything is new, but they have a distinctly vintage appeal. The items look classic and worn, appearing to be almost reclaimed.

But fear not, these items are all brand-new and ready for years of use. The furniture uses materials that are both durable and organic-looking. For example, you can find tables that mix stained wood with metal that looks aged. Sundance also has ottomans covered in vintage-looking patchwork fabrics, sofas upholstered with acid-washed denim, and chairs wrapped in silky smooth leather.

Sundance is an interior designer’s dream when it comes to decorative accessories! Make your home look like it’s in the middle of a vast plain or on top of a plant-covered mountain. From ornate wicker baskets to candlestick holders with a beautiful patina, it’s all here! Find inspiration and fill your home with items you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

All of the items in the Sundance catalog make great gifts. But if you’re looking for something that wows, Sundance has a dedicated gift selection. It features gifts for men and women of all ages.

The pieces have that same free-spirited appeal as the rest of the Sundance goods. However, the premium materials and eye-catching designs make them stand out against any other gifts your recipients receive.

Sundance Catalog has plenty of exceptional items to discover. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or another, you won’t be disappointed in what you find.