Free Burpee Gardening Catalog

Burpee Gardening Catalog

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced gardener with many seasons under your belt or a novice looking to develop your green thumb. The results of your efforts in the garden rely on high-quality seeds and tools. Luckily, Burpee is here to provide easy access to all the gardening products you could ever need!

The Burpee catalog is chock-full of unique seeds, bulbs, and rootstocks. You’ll also find life-changing gardening supplies that make it easier than ever to cultivate a lush plot of land full of life.

Once the weather warms up after a cold winter, you can start your vegetable garden. Burpee has hundreds of vegetable seeds to grow plants fit for a chef’s kitchen. Start with the essentials like carrots, lettuce, cucumber, and peppers. They’ll give you a fantastic garden salad come harvest time.

Burpee has plenty of exotic options when you’re ready for a more significant challenge. Infuse some spice into this year’s dishes with peppers or watch a batch of lovely gourds grow with every passing year. You’ll also find many summer and fall crops to extend the growing season. Prepare some pumpkins for carving or try new flavors with unique greens.

There are tons of vegetables to discover. Burpee also has heirloom seeds for high-quality harvests, container-ready seeds for patio plots, and growing kits for newbies.

You can’t forget about the herb garden! Herbs are perfect for spicing up meals. Plus, you can have a decently-sized garden without taking up a ton of space. Burpee has a great collection of herb seeds. Easy DIY kits are available, too.

If you prefer a sweeter harvest, Burpee has you covered. Fruiting trees and bushes are plentiful. They take a bit longer to reap the rewards of your hard work, but the payoff is well worth it. Most fruiting plants from Burpee can last many seasons, providing years of tasty harvests.

Stick with the classics like strawberries, apple trees, or watermelon. Or, you can go with unique superfood fruits like goji berry, elderberry, and fig! Whatever you choose, the plants will create a splash of color and a fragrant aroma you can’t help but love! Container plants are available, too, so you can have your own fruit trees no matter how much gardening space you have.

Burpee’s selection is second-to-none when it comes to flowers and ornamental plants. The catalog has no shortage of beautiful blossoming plants to discover. The perennials usually take a year or two to start producing flowers. But the annual bulbs can give you that burst of color you want in just months!

No matter the type of flower you love most, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here! Get multiple colors of Gladiolus to blanket your property. Alternatively, you can try more challenging flowers like Iris, Dahlia, Begonia, and more.

There are many styles of flowers to choose from. Not only that, but you’ll find cultivars you never knew existed. They offer unique colors and patterns to your favorite flowers, making it easy to customize the look of your yard.

The same kind of variety is available for ornamental plants. Evergreen shrubs are fantastic for framing your house. Meanwhile, the shade-tolerant Hostas can add a bit of life under trees and near structures. You can even find exotic trees that add a touch of whimsy to your domain.

Once you have all the garden inspiration you need, head over to Burpee’s supply section to get the essentials! Burpee’s carries everything you need to flex your green thumb. That includes soil and fertilizers to give your plants nutrients, containers to add a pop of style, and tools for getting dirty!

Let the Burpee catalog be your prime source for all things gardening. Every page will inspire you to get your hands on the soil. With plenty of great seeds and bulbs to try out, you’ll have no problem making your garden come to life.