Free CP Toys Catalog

CP Toys Catalog

Within this free catalog, you will discover a huge assortment of educational children’s toys, suitable for infants to 8+. Their collection of products is not made up of just your standard toys—they are designed for learning as well as fun! Many of the toys are designed to enhance a child’s sensory play, encourage active play, or promote imagination. CP Toys’ range includes building blocks, books, active sand, and water outdoor toys, music and performance, Lego; classic toys; dolls, licensed products, and so much more.

The company’s origins began in the 1950s when the founder recognized a lack of quality educational resources for educators so Constructive Playthings was born. In 2011, it was clear that parents were also searching for quality educational toys for the home; therefore CP Toys came to fruition. Their extensive experience and longevity within the toy industry can give you confidence that CP Toys are of the highest quality, and with their mission of inspiring learning, creativity, and fun, you can be sure your children will be happy learners!