Free Garrett Wade Catalog

Garrett Wade Catalog

No matter your creative vice, Garrett Wade has you covered. While power tools dominate nearly every industry, there’s still a place for hand tools. Premium tools provide ultimate control and give you the power to do more than just build. They offer the creative nuance and multi-faceted resourcefulness that no battery-powered toy could replicate!

In the Garrett Wade catalog, you can find tools to create the workshop of your dreams.

If woodworking is your art of choice, there are tons to discover. Deck the walls of your build space with every hand tool imaginable. Find items that harken back to old-school furniture-building techniques and manual assembly work. Those tools have antique appeal while still giving you all the flexibility you need to work efficiently.

Whether you prefer to make fine furniture or out-of-this-world wood art, there’s something for you at Garrett Wade.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with all-purpose toolsets. General equipment is a must-have for anyone who likes to take a more hands-on approach to owning property. There’s always something to fix or improve around the home.

With the many workshop tools available at Garrett Wade, no task is too tall to tackle. Pick up must-have additions to your toolbox. Peruse the best-sellers collection and dive deep to unearth something brand-new.

Best of all, Garrett Wade makes it easy to stay organized. An orderly workspace is safe and more conducive to creative thinking. Take some time to transform your shop. With classic metal toolboxes, wall storage systems, and tons of shelving at your disposal, you can organize to your heart’s content and make sure that every tool has its place.

Looking to take your outdoor adventures to a new level? Check out the outdoors collection to find accessories that can keep you safe. The right equipment can put one step ahead of Mother Nature.

Great for homesteaders and general DIYers, the Garrett Wade outdoors tools cover all of your basic needs. Invest in an heirloom-quality ax to chop firewood and clear land. Then, find utility knives and machetes to become the master of your domain.

Bushcraft supplies let you make the most out of your land. Clear space for gardening and set the stage for a massive homestead site. With the Garrett Wade tools by your side, you can live off the grid and rely on nothing more than your own skills to help you get by.

Garrett Wade even has survivalist gear for those who want to push the limits even further. Find everyday carry items, camping gear, and more. Most of the items don’t rely on power to operate. As a result, they will serve you well no matter the situation.

You don’t have to be a serious outdoors person to take advantage of all that Garrett Wade has to offer. The catalog is a wonderful resource for backyard gardeners, too.

Keep your garden plots healthy and ready for cultivation. Use tilling and watering tools to prepare the soil and maximize your chances of success when spring hits. You’ll also find products to help with planting, harvesting, and everything in between.

No matter the size or extent of your garden, the Garrett Wade tools will help you experience your greatest harvest yet! From innovative sprinklers to add a little automation to your garden endeavors to basics modeled after those found in antiquity, there’s something for everyone.

Whatever you choose to buy, you can rest easy knowing you’re paying for tools that last. The Garrett Wade catalog offers durable products that will continue to serve you well for decades with proper care. They’ll become your “tried and true old reliables.” When batteries run dry and power tools no longer work, the products you get from Garrett Wade are there to help!