Free Grandin Road Catalog

Grandin Road Catalog

The free Grandin Road catalog offers a wide selection of home furnishings, accessories, and decor items for every taste, budget, and style.

Your home’s furniture is more than just a random item to fill space. The furniture you choose to fill your home serves as the backdrop to a lifetime of memories! Many homeowners keep their furniture pieces for years, if not decades. They accompany you through birthdays, milestone celebrations, and quiet evenings with the family.

With how important furniture is to your life, don’t you want to choose the very best? With the Grandin Road catalog, you finally can.

Grandin Road offers a wide selection of furniture and decor items to fill your entire home. Every item is made with Grandin Road’s impeccably high standards. You can rest assured that you’re getting the quality you need and deserve.

Best of all, the style of Grandin Road pieces strikes a nice balance between unique and homey. There are many distinct styles to choose from, allowing you to put your family’s personality on full display. However, each item complements the next, creating a universally appealing look that you can’t help but appreciate.

Start your interior design journey in the space your family uses the most: The living room! This area is where you get together for movie nights, family discussions, and more. Why not make it as comfortable and inspiring as possible?

Anchor the space down with sofas, loveseats, and armchairs. You have many fantastic options at your disposal. Go with the sleek appeal of leather. Alternatively, you can opt for overstuffed cushions and skin-soft fabrics. Grandin Road also carries a myriad of configurations. Find a small sofa to fit into that random spot in your living room. Or, go with a massive sectional the entire family can hop on! The choice is yours!

To add some functionality, invest in some cabinets and storage units. Pick up a functional coffee table or a couple of side tables to flank your sofa. Then, add some cabinets to the side to hide all those random knick-knacks away.

When you’re ready to revamp the kitchen and dining room, Grandin Road has you covered! You’ll love the many dining tables and chairs. From sleek glass top tables to create an airy feel to clunky extendable dining tables that are fit for a feast, it’s all here! Thanks to the plethora of finishes and colors, you can easily find something that works for your personal style.

The same goes for bedroom furniture. There are many unique options to consider. If you want something more traditional, modern headboards and platform-style units are a great choice. But those looking for something grand and regal can choose a four-poster bed or luxurious canopy bed. Either way, Grandin Road has both!

After you get all of the core pieces in place, consider looking through the Grandin Road catalog for decor items to fill in the gaps. Furniture can only go so far as to make your house feel like a home. It’s all the extras that give it personality!

We’re talking about mirrors, lamps, wall art, and decorative accents. Here’s where you can ensure that your house stays true to your family. You’ll find everything from neutral designs to quirky head-turners!

For example, Grandin Road offers gorgeous vases and bowls in relatively muted colors. Add some colorful flowers or accessories to make it your own. Or, you can get something that’s already dripping in personality. Grandin Road has all kinds of unique goods like brass hare lamps or owl bookends!

You’ll find plenty of beautiful linens, too. The softer surfaces add a finishing touch to every room. Plus, they’re easy to swap out whenever you want to freshen things up. Down below, you can pick up some eye-catching rugs. Think about items like curtains, bed linens, towels, and more for eye-level beauty.

Overall, the Grandin Road has a fantastic source for interior design inspiration. With this single catalog, you can go room by room to get the magazine-ready home of your dreams!