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In The Swim Catalog

Ready to cool off and enjoy the summer sun? Your pool is the perfect place to beat the heat and have some outdoor fun. But before you dive in, there’s a lot of maintenance work to take care of before it’s swim-ready. Luckily, In the Swim is here to cover all of your bases.

The In the Swim catalog is your trusted resource for all things swimming pools. Pools require a lot of upkeep, and buying products from many different sources can make your maintenance duties a nightmare. When you shop at In the Swim, you can get all the essentials in one place. Not only that, but you can uncover unique products that make it much easier to protect your investment!

Before you can open up the pool for the swimming season, there’s some crucial prep work to do! There’s a good chance that your pool sat accumulating algae and all kinds of messes over the winter season. To ensure that it’s ready for your first dip, pick up some pool opening products from In the Swim.

Start with cleaning gear to get rid of any gunk and debris. In the Swim has all the essentials. You’ll quickly find skimmers to catch floating leaves, brushes to scrape off algae on the walls, and vacuums to suck up messes on the floor. There’s gear to suit pools of all sizes, so you’ll have to issue finding tools that fit your needs.

Once the cleaning is over, it’s time to turn to the equipment. After a thorough inspection, you can buy all the necessary accessories to get your filters, skimmers, and pumps in working order. Whether you need a new filter medium, hoses, or gauges, it’s all available from In the Swim!

Finally, you can’t forget about the pool chemicals. Most pools will need a decent chlorine shock after sitting stagnant all winter long. A chemical shock will eliminate any bacteria and viruses, quickly improving water quality and making it safe to enjoy! Whatever you need, you can find it at In the Swim.

Not sure where to start the opening process? Don’t worry: In the Pool has you covered. The In the Pool catalog offers openings kits. Find one that matches the size of your pool, and you’ll have everything you need to get things up and running again!

Of course, In the Swim also has the equipment and chemicals you need to keep the pool in good shape during the swim season. Modern pools are pretty complex, and the needs of your backyard oasis can be dramatically different from your neighbor’s. Luckily, In the Swim serves pool owners of all kinds. Find the equipment that caters to custom-made pools and discover innovative upgrades to make your life much easier.

From dazzling pool lights to illuminate the water at night to heaters that let you swim comfortably all year long, it’s all here at In the Swim.

You can even turn to In the Swim to buy brand-new pool equipment! DIY-ready pool kits are great for building the fun outdoor space you’ve always wanted. Customize the look and functionality of your pool and take on the installation duties yourself. You can save tons of money going the DIY route. Not only that, but you have much more flexibility in the finished product.

Keep things simple with an above-ground pool, or buy a heavy-duty in-ground pool kit. Whatever the case may be, In the Swim has what you need. That includes pool equipment, ladders, slides, and more! You’ll even find kits to build a hot tub and spa.

Let In the Swim be your prime source for all things pool-related. No matter what kind of pool or hot tub you own, the In the Swim catalog has the goods to ensure that it stays in good shape for years to come.