Free Jeffers Pet & Livestock Catalog

Jeffers Pet & Livestock Catalog

To see products that offer the best in care for your pets and farm animals, browse the Jeffers Catalog. Jeffers has been in business for 40 years, and they have a selection of products that will make your animal’s life healthier and happier in every way. Jeffers has products for dogs, cats, horses, sheep, cattle, goats, swine, poultry, and even more exotic animals like big cats, llamas, and alpacas. At Jeffers, you can find a wide range of products, including supplies for health & wellness, breeding, grooming, cleaning & disinfectants, trailering, nutrition, shelter, fly & pest control, fencing, and much more.

Jeffers even has a Newborn Center, for all the special needs of newborn calves, lambs, kids, and piglets. Prices are low, and there is free shipping on most orders over $49. Most orders ship the same day, and orders within the Continental US arrive within a week. Pet lovers and farmers have known for decades they can depend on Jeffers to deliver the best animal products at the most competitive prices. Check out the Jeffers Catalog today!