K. Van. Bourgondien Gardening Catalog

K. Van. Bourgondien Catalog

There’s no better way to enhance your home’s curb appeal than with a lush garden of flowers. Flowers can breathe new life into your property and add pops of whimsical color to your landscaping efforts.

With the K. Van Bourgondien catalog, you can discover stunning flowers that will add depth and radiance to your garden. The company offers a wide range of bulbs and bare-root plants to meet anyone’s style. Whether you’re looking for something new and exciting or you’d rather stick to something a bit more traditional, you can find it at K. Van Bourgondien!

K. Van Bourgondien splits up its collection into spring and fall planting. That way, you can achieve the color you’re after all year long.

If you prefer simple pops of bold color, you can pick up some sun-loving bulbs. Plant the bulbs in a sunny spot in your garden. Or, use an ornate pot to create the perfect porch centerpiece!

Whatever you decide to do, you have plenty of flower species at your disposal. You’ll find a healthy selection of lilies, tulips, gladiolus, irises, and more. It’s not just the basic colors you’ll find. K. Van Bourgondien has unique cultivars that you might not have heard of before!

Experience their beauty for the first time. When you order from K. Van Bourgondien, you’ll get large bulbs that produce breathtaking blossoms to help you enjoy the full potential of the plant.

Want flowers that return year after year? Bare root perennials are the way to go. Perennial plants are perfect for borders and accent pieces. Most flourish into expansive bushes, allowing you to get more beauty with less space.

K. Van Bourgondien has several flowing perennials. These include daylilies, geraniums, peonies, and more. Plants with a penchant for shade are available, too. They typically have beautiful foliage that can enhance your yard throughout the seasons.

If you’re not sure what kinds of plants will work best for your garden, K. Van Bourgondien has you covered. You can find several curated collections that address a bevy of gardening issues.

Choose a collection of deer-resistant flowers to protect your garden and prevent animals from eating your crops. If you’re limited on space, a container collection may be more suited for your needs. These flowers let you enjoy the beauty of nature on a porch or deck.

K. Van Bourgondien even has premade collections to help you achieve specific looks. The mixes include gorgeous color stories and flower species that complement one another.

The K. Van Bourgondien catalog has a lot of beauty to discover. It doesn’t matter whether you have a seasoned green thumb or you’re new to the world of gardening, these bulbs will help you achieve the lush look you’ve always wanted for your garden. With hundreds of flowers to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding something you’ll love!