Free Keepsake Quilting Catalog

Keepsake Quilting Catalog

Keepsake Quilting is a free quilting catalog that is chockful of all the sewing supplies you need to design and make gorgeous quilted items. This catalog carries fabric in a variety of styles and materials, so you can create precisely the look you want in your next quilt, bag, or table runner. It also has the tools you need to complete your project, including batting, scissors, adhesives, frames, and much more. Take a look at their collection of lighting and magnifiers to ease the strain on your eyes and ensure a neatly finished final product.

On top of all that, Keepsake Quilting has plenty of quilting patterns to choose from, including everything from traditional stars and pinwheels to unique floral and holiday patterns that you won’t see anywhere else. The company offers an excellent selection of sewing kits for any experience level as well, making it much simpler to layout and put together a beautiful quilt with less time and trouble. You can request a free quilting catalog from Keepsake Quilting today to stock up on all your sewing supplies and needs!