Free Lakeshore Learning Catalog

Lakeshore Learning Catalog

Lakeshore Learning is an online catalog store to shop at for educational products for your children. The store has provisions for learning and fun activities. It caters to children as young as infants through kindergarten and 1st grade up to the 6th grade. Teachers and parents also have their own items with which they can use for instruction and also join in the activities. The items include games and puzzles, art and crafts, building blocks, and other manipulatives as well as pocket charts. For older kids there are items for science and social studies, writing and reading as well as mathematics and literature. Teachers can use the useful educational software available in the teachers’ section as well as their quality supplies. These include printables, e-cards and flashcards, calendars, templates, and lesson plans amongst others.

There are also items for children with special needs and Lakeshore Learning provides other items including classroom furniture and STEM educational materials. The store also has workshops and science fairs. The Lakeshore Learning educational catalog has all you need for the all-around development of your child.