Lamps Plus - Lighting Catalog

Lamps Plus - Lighting Catalog

The lighting fixtures in your home have more of an impact on your interior design than you think! Light is the ultimate mood-setter. The right fixture can turn a drab room into a refreshing place of inspiration. Alternatively, it can create a calming space fine-tuned for relaxation and meditation.

Whatever mood you’re trying to set, Lamps Plus is here to help!

The Lamps Plus catalog has pages of breathtaking inspiration. Find that perfect lighting piece to anchor a room and set a mood. Thanks to the beautiful curation of products, you can also find complimentary products that take your home design to the next level.

Ultimately, the lights in the room are going to establish a tone and interior design scheme. So, it’s where you should start your interior design endeavors. Pick the perfect lights to illuminate the space during the night while also pushing the luxury to a new level.

Find everything from ornate ceiling lights to sconces and pendants. Lamps Plus has plenty of permanent-install items. These lights require integrated wiring to operate. But, the built-in look provides a seamless appearance. Plus, they attach to switches for effortless operation.

If you prefer lights that you can swap out with your changing mood, try less-permanent solutions. Lamps Plus has plenty of great table lamps and floor lamps. These products plug into a standard wall outlet, allowing you to get light wherever you want. Best of all, you can update the look of a room whenever you want. There’s no need to whip out the renovation tools!

Lamps Plus even carries an impressive collection of shades and pendant covers. These accessories can transform the look of a lighting fixture. But, they’re easy to replace. Many shades also manipulate the light to create a distinct effect. For example, find shades that splash colors and patterns on the wall. Or, choose shades that make dimmed mood lighting!

The Lamps Plus catalog also has some functional pieces. Lighting fixtures can do so much more than brighten a room! Need to improve air circulation to keep cool? Try picking up a ceiling fan! Ceiling fans have integrated lights to do the job of traditional lamps. But, the addition of rotating fans helps you battle the sweltering heat of summer. Some can even spin in reverse to keep you warm during the winter!

Lamps Plus also has some security-focused items. Use motion-detection lights to catch would-be intruders in the act. Those lights also function as energy-saving illuminators in the middle of the night.

Are you looking to add some lighting outside? Lamps Plus has your back there, too. Outdoor lighting is a big part of modern landscaping. Subtle lighting cues can drastically improve the look of outdoor space. Not only that, but it makes your property much safer.

Pick up some post lighting to create a visible path on sidewalks and walkways. Many of the posts are solar-powered, making it easy to develop pathways without worrying about pesky wiring. Those who want to extend indoor living to the great outdoors can find tons of fantastic products to use. String hanging lights to create a whimsical landscape of beauty that you can enjoy every time you step outside.

Lamps Plus is most known for its impressive collection of lighting fixtures. But there’s a lot more to discover beyond that. Find a wide range of decorative items and furniture pieces. The furniture items complement the lights perfectly. Deck your home out with masterfully crafted pieces that you can use for all of life’s memories!

All in all, the Lamps Plus catalog offers a wealth of inspiration for homeowners and interior designers. Whether you’re interested in overhauling your home with a large-scale renovation or you want to make minor changes that have a significant impact, Lamps Plus is here to help.