Free Lumens Lighting Catalog

Lumens Lighting Catalog

Lighting can make or break a home or office space. The way light bounces throughout a room will impact its overall ambiance. Use the power of light to highlight vital decorative details or as a functional element that improves visibility. Either way, the fixtures you choose can change a room for the better.

When you shop from the Lumens catalog, the sky is the limit!

Lumens has a wide range of products to illuminate your life. So whether you’re an interior designer looking for inspiration or a homeowner wanting to spice things up, there’s a lot to discover.

Start with practical fixtures that improve visibility once the sun goes down. The lights in a building can be as “in your face” or discreet as you choose. If you prefer to let your furniture take the reigns, try some recessed lighting or subtle wall lights.

Canister-style lights sit relatively flush against the ceiling, leaving nothing but a cone of bright light to shine across the room.

Those looking for something that packs an excellent visual punch can choose from Lumen’s many ceiling fixtures. Pendant lights are great for accenting tables, dining nooks, or bars. They hang close low and provide focused lighting for conversation, work, and more.

If you’re looking for a combination of practicality and beauty, track lighting is a good choice. Multiple fixtures sit on a metal rail. Move each unit as you see fit and point it in the direction that needs more light. Designs vary wildly, but each track system provides some stunning modern appeal.

Lumens also has a sizable collection of fans. Fans provide some much-needed comfort that goes beyond the capabilities of your HVAC system. Create a steady breeze and redirect air to warm or cool a room. With all the styles from modern designers, you can get a fan that’s both functional and beautiful.

Don’t forget about those larger statement pieces! Chandeliers are the epitome of class and sophistication. Luckily, Lumens has a myriad of styles to suit your personality. From rustic barnyard units to shimmering fixtures filled with posh crystals, there’s no end to what you can find.

Of course, light isn’t just limited to the ceiling. Lumens carries a wide range of decorate lights to suits your needs. Are you looking to light up tight spaces? Check out the wall fixtures. Everything from sconces to under-cabinet lighting will provide some light where standard ceiling lamps aren’t practical.

Floor and table lamps are available, too. In the world of interior design, table and floor lamps are a must. They add some visual interest to a room while also cementing a specific ambiance.

Whether you want soft mood lighting or powerful illumination for your workbench, you can find it in the Lumens catalog. Tons of styles are up for grabs. Establish a rugged style with metal bases and wood accents. Or, add a touch of polish with chrome-plated bodies and muted shades.

When you’re done filling your home with light, you can move onto other furniture pieces. Lumens has pieces for every room in the house.

Invest in larger items like sofas and beds to anchor every room. Then, fill in the gaps with smaller pieces and accessories. Finally, create storage and make every space have a purpose.

Lumens carries goods from brands that have a strong design philosophy. You won’t find generic pieces or builder’s fixtures here. Instead, everything is beautifully made and built to last!

There are tons to uncover in the Lumens catalog. Give your home the gift of light and play with illumination to create the vibes you’re after. Lighting plays a pivotal role in how your home feels and looks. With the right fixtures from Lumens, making your vision into a reality is a cinch. Stunning light fixtures are just the beginning!