Free Packard Woodworks Catalog

Packard Woodworks Catalog

Experienced woodworkers have been turning to the free Packard Woodworks catalog for decades to find the best selection of woodworking tools and finishing supplies. Besides all the basics like sharpening tools, lathes, drills, and drill accessories, this catalog is an excellent source for putting together the perfect workspace. Packard Woodworks carries high-quality workbenches in a range of styles and sizes that will fit into your woodworking shop beautifully and keep your tools and supplies well-organized.

Shop their complete line of finishing supplies too, from milk paint and beeswax to lamb’s wool buff and more from the best-known brands in the industry, including Mylandes, Liberon, Odie’s, and Behlen. Packard Woodworks also features a huge collection of woodworking DVDs and books that will make it that much easier to pick up the fundamental skills and to master more complex techniques that can take your woodworking efforts to the next level. The free Packard Woodworks catalog is the ideal place to find supplies for your own shop or to pick up unique gifts for the dedicated woodworker in your life.