Free Park Seed Gardening Catalog

Park Seed Gardening Catalog

The first Park Seed catalog was published in 1868 and offered just a handful of seeds. Today, the Park Seed catalog offers thousands of seeds, plants, and tools to enrich their practice and make their gardens flourish. In addition to that, Park Seed has grown from a domestic only operation to a company offering seeds all over the world. The catalog features seeds for vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, and even Certified Organic varieties. In addition to this extensive seed collection, Park Seed offers plants of all types, such as trees, shrubs, and annuals.

The Park Seed catalog offers gardeners crucial supplies like fertilizers, potting mix, mulch fabric, and pots as well as more advanced tools like seed starters, heat mats, and even full-size greenhouses. Some of the seed and plant varieties offered by Park Seed are exclusive, meaning they are hybrids or varieties that you can get nowhere else! Give your garden a leg up this season, by ordering this free catalog and purchasing high-quality seeds and plants from Park Seed, a reputable supplier of gardening essentials.