Free Petals Catalog

Petals Catalog

Designers know they can rely on the free Petals catalog for all the best-looking silk flowers, plants, and trees they need for their projects. Petals carries a wide range of silk houseplants, including dracaena, ferns, pothos, grasses, and palms, for dressing up your home or workplace without adding any maintenance at all. If you’re in the mood for something blooming, there’s no need to worry…the Petals free catalog has you covered.

You’ll find orchids, bromeliads, and poinsettias here, all so lifelike that no one need ever know you’re not a green thumb. They also feature larger indoor trees like ficus, aralias, and maples, just to name a few. Petals even stocks gorgeous silk blooming stems, from cherry blossom trees and hydrangeas to magnolias, birds-of-paradise, and everything in-between. Get the wreath, floral arrangement, or potted plant in just the size and color you want, and then you’ll never have to think about it again. Forget watering, feeding, and cleaning up after real plants, just to watch them die. Pick up a lovely silk houseplant from the Petals catalog for your home or office instead!