Smithsonian Journeys Catalog

The free Smithsonian Journeys catalog has a huge selection of travel and tour opportunities for those with a case of wanderlust. The Smithsonian Institute is one of the most recognized names in the world when it comes to making history and the natural environment accessible and endlessly compelling and you’ll find that the numerous cruises, train excursions, and private jet tours that are available through the Smithsonian Journeys catalog are certainly no exception.

Take a family-friendly trip to London, head off to the Cannes Film Festival in France, or finally go to the Galapagos Islands on a nature expedition. It’s also possible to arrange your very own custom itinerary to take you to on a world tour of all those places that you’ve always dreamed of going to. No matter what destination you decide on, there’s sure to be a Smithsonian Journeys tour to satisfy your thirst for adventure and knowledge about the world. When you book your trip through their free catalog, you can count on the fact that you’ll have an informed, responsible, and friendly vacation guide to help you more fully understand the local sights and culture.