Uncommon Goods Catalog

Finding a truly unique gift for a friend or loved one is easier said than done. But Uncommon Goods aims to change that!

The Uncommon Goods catalog is filled with interesting products that you don’t ordinarily see on store shelves. The items are all made by independent makers. Many of them are handcrafted, providing a personal touch that no big-name brand can replicate.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for a parent or young child, there’s something for everyone at Uncommon Goods.

Browse through the home goods collection to find that perfect decorative item. For the art lover in your life, you can pick up a breathtaking sculpture made out of unorthodox materials like recycled metals or blown glass. Or, you can choose a piece with a bit more movement. Kinetic wind sculptures and awe-inspiring sand art always add some visual interest to a room.

If you want to provide a gift with a purpose, the Uncommon Goods catalog has a lot to offer. Peruse the kitchen and bar collection to find a gift that will make your recipient’s life easier. From ornate serving platters to handy grilling accessories, you can’t go wrong with gifts that will bring people together!

Uncommon Goods even carries food products and DIY kits. For the adventurous eater in your life, pick up an exotic spice set or hot sauce sampling kit. With herb planting kits, mushroom growing logs, brewing sets, and more, home chefs can use your gift to turn hard work into a tasty treat!

Want to give the gift of fun? Uncommon Goods has items that can provide hours of entertainment for anyone. New takes on classic tabletop games like chess and cribbage will rally the entire family. Meanwhile, craft kits can spark imagination and whimsy into recipients young and old. Choose kits to create paper art, perform optical illusions, or start a garden in the backyard. The possibilities are endless!

For an even bigger personal touch, Uncommon Goods has a sizable collection of personalized gifts. Order a personalized sculpture or hand-carved plaque that your recipient can proudly display. Large wall pieces, custom pet paintings, and three-dimensional decorative items are up for grabs. Even kids can get in on the fun with a personalized book with them as the main star.

Uncommon Goods has more traditional gift options, too. However, they all take on a unique twist! You can find jewelry made out of reclaimed materials, raw stones, and precious metals. Many of the necklaces and bracelets are hiding a special function to soothe the soul and calm the mind.

No matter who you’re shopping for, the Uncommon Goods catalog can help you find something out of the ordinary. Instead of settling for something your recipient can find anywhere, provide a truly memorable gift that’s sure to surprise.