Free Wayside Gardens Catalog

Wayside Gardens Catalog

Wayside Gardens is a free catalog that caters to those who love perennials, shrubs, and roses and don’t mind getting their hands a little dirty. This catalog is a fantastic source for gardening supplies as well, with a large selection of tools, fertilizers, and pest control strategies to keep your yard looking lovely no matter what the season. Whether you’re a burgeoning seedsman or an experienced gardener, Wayside Gardens is the place to turn for anything that you need for your outdoor haven.

They have a wide variety of sun or shade-loving annuals and perennials, along with evergreen and deciduous bushes, vines, and trees. Colorful blooms fill every page of this catalog, along with advice on how to get the most from your plants and what will work well in your area. Wayside Gardens also has a collection of gift items for the grower in your life, including attractive bird feeders, hothouses, potting benches, planters, and gloves for digging in the soil. When you shop the Wayside Gardens catalog, you’ll find everything you need to ensure that you have the most beautiful garden on the block, from spring all the way through fall.