West Marine Boating Supply Catalog

West Marine Supply Catalog

Start your West Marine shopping experience by checking out their extensive anchoring and docking section. You’ll find solutions for all your needs to secure and protect your boat safely. West Marine offers dock lines, boat fenders, bumpers, and other equipment to make docking a breeze. Do you enjoy boating at night? Make your evening excursions safer with dock lighting fixtures to help you navigate your way home.

Few things are as damaging to a boat as ice. When water freezes, the ice expands and can cause significant damage to your boat and dock. This damage can be costly to repair. Prevent this from occurring in the first place by purchasing a Kasco de-icer. This product will ensure your boat is protected from harsh winter conditions and is easy to install, energy-efficient, and cost-effective.

While keeping your vessel and dock free from the damage ice can cause, check out West Marine’s extensive collection of bird-repellent equipment. No one enjoys cleaning up the mess a flock of seagulls leave. It is also unsightly and corrosive to your vessel’s paint job. Instead, keep birds and other winged pests away with a classic hawk decoy. Hawks hunt during the daytime, and other birds know to stay away from any area they may roost. This decoy keeps birds away, and you can easily mount it on your boat or dock.

Inflatable boats are the perfect way to make the short excursion from your main vessel to the shore. West Marine carries various inflatable boats that are great for fishing, recreation, and exploration. Whether looking for portability, maneuverability, or performance, you’ll find the right inflatable boat to fit your needs when you order from this catalog. For maximum portability, check out their roll-up inflatable dinghies, which are easy to stow and assemble.

If you’re a fisherman, you know the importance of keeping the right tackle box on board your vessel. It should be durable, well-organized, and ready to go when you need it. Customize your storage and organize your gear the way you like with a solid, two-level magnum tackle box. This style even includes a convenient spinning bait rack at the bottom so you can locate just what you need quickly and efficiently. If your kids enjoy getting in on the action, check out their children’s tackle boxes, which are just the right size for your little angler-in-training.

Staying hydrated while boating is essential, regardless of the time of year. While on board your vessel, you need functional and reliable drink wear to keep your coffee hot and your mixed drinks chilled all day long. Shop the free West Marine catalog and check out their selection of rugged tumblers, coffee flasks, and other drink options in various sizes. If you need the perfect gift for your next boat party, check out West Marine’s Captain’s Party Set, featuring a stylish yet functional carafe that will keep drinks cold for twenty-four hours. This set also features two tumblers with lids in your choice of anchor pattern.

If you enjoy bringing your dog aboard your vessel, you must outfit them with the right gear to keep them safe. Consider ordering a NiteHowl LED Rechargeable Safety Necklace. This rechargeable safety collar can be illuminated in three shades, making it easy to identify multiple dogs at night. Trim the polymer to your desired size, and it can be fitted right onto your dog’s existing collar, keeping them safe while they enjoy the water and fresh air.

Whatever you may need to outfit your vessel, West Marine has you covered. Find the perfect accessories, gear, hardware, and more for your next excursion when you order from the West Marine catalog. No matter the time of year, you’ll discover great deals and high-quality products for anglers and boating enthusiasts alike.