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Wild Wings Catalog

Originally founded in 1968, Wild Wings went on to publish its first print in 1970, followed by its first catalog in 1971. In the over 45 years since that time, they have expanded to become a name synonymous with the great outdoors. They are even considered the leading authority of the fast-growing nature movement. To further support their theme, they, along with their customers, have helped conservation organizations generate tens of millions of dollars toward restoration and preservation. Their art section is one of the most impressive collections of America’s untamed wilderness on the market today.

With subject matter focused on landscapes, horses, big game, birds, ducks, wolves and so much more, it is near impossible to not find something that suits your tastes. A sculpture section enhances this through highly detailed works of art that captures life in the moment far better than a camera could hope to achieve. Whether you choose the art first and decorate from there or the other way around, you will have no problem finding matching accessories in the decoration section. Beautifully crafted light switches, kitchen accessories, lighting units, full-sized furniture, and bedding make up this unique yet mature lodge theme. There is even a small clothing section to make sure you are dressed your best for the untamed wilderness. Full of raw power and majesty, Wild Wings encapsulates the vision of a home front throughout its catalog pages of fine art, furnishings, and country decor. Whether you’re in the remote reaches of a mountain town or in the heart of a city, nothing brings you closer to nature than this catalog.