Free Yankee Candle Catalog

Yankee Candle Catalog

The free catalog from Yankee Candle offers the world’s largest and diverse range of candle and home fragrance scents. They have over 150 fragrances, which span from flowers and foods to destinations and festive periods, and all are designed to take you on a journey or relive a special memory. Their candle range includes jar candles, tea lights, vase candles, tumbler candles, pillar candles, and votive candles.

In addition to the scented candles, Yankee Candle also offers wax melts, candle accessories, flameless fragrances (including Scent-Plug, air fresheners, reeds, and diffusers), car fragrances, and scents for small spaces. Their range also includes gift sets and gift cards. Yankee Candle pride themselves on their authentic and true-to-life fragrances and they set a high standard within the industry. They ensure their products are of the highest quality, with rigorous screening and reviewing of the fragrances. The fragrances are made with fragrance extracts and real essential oils and you are guaranteed a long-lasting scent from your purchase, from your first use through to the last.