Z Gallerie Home Decor Catalog

Z Gallerie Home Decor Catalog

Ready to give your home a makeover and get that showroom-ready look you’ve always wanted? The Z Gallerie catalog has you covered. Z Gallerie offers a wide range of on-trend furniture and decor pieces that can make any room feel like a million bucks!

Z Gallerie’s living room collection has everything you need to create a family-focused space. Choose a large sectional sofa for those cozy movie nights. Or, utilize separate chairs, benches, and ottomans to create smaller intimate conversation zones. Anchor the entire space with large media consoles and storage cabinets to keep the clutter to a minimum.

When you’re ready to add some personality to your space, you have a lot of options! Browse through the sizable throw pillow and blanket collection to add a pop of color to your sofa. Then, add wall art and decorative fashion pieces to make every corner of your living room a place of interest.

Moving onto the dining room, Z Gallerie has functional furniture pieces that will make you the perfect host for dinner parties. Pick up an enormous banquet-style dining table for family barbeques and holiday festivities. Then, mix and match chair styles to get a chic look. Add a buffet cabinet and a bar cart or two and you’re ready for your next event!

Of course, you can’t forget the tabletop decor! Luckily, Z Gallerie has dinnerware and accouterments to suit any style. From sleek and modern dinner sets clad in gold to quirky glassware that’s begging for champagne, Z Gallerie has it all!

In the bedroom, Z Gallerie’s plush product offering is ready to create a relaxing atmosphere you’ll never want to leave. Select a brand-new bed with lavish tufting and ornate details. Then, complement the room’s centerpiece with a matching nightstand, grand dresser, and opulent sitting bench!

When you want to change up your bedroom’s look a bit, all you need is some brand-new bedding. Spice up the sleeping area with a new throw blanket covered in faux fur. Alternatively, you can pick up some new sheets or duvet covers that match your mood. With all of the options in the Z Gallerie catalog, it’s not hard to find something you’ll love.

Z Gallerie offers a myriad of unique decor pieces that bring a trendy flair to any space in the home. In the hallway or study, add a new rug to make the space feel cozier. You can find traditional-looking oriental rugs, faux hide rugs, and even plush rugs that feel like you’re walking on air.

There’s no shortage of decorative accent pieces to choose from, too. Shop for terrariums to add some life to a room, mirrors to bounce light, and drapery to add some color to the walls. Smaller items, such as storage boxes, vases, and decorative trinkets, let you add some managed clutter on your own terms!

All in all, Z Gallerie can be your source for all things interior design! From start to finish, the Z Gallerie catalog is filled with design inspiration. Pick one up today and see what kinds of posh items you can find for your own home!